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Mean Mommy

Since I am a teacher, my last day of work before summer vacation was Tuesday, June 12. Twelve days ago. Now, please know that I love my boys very much, so hopefully what I am about to say will not offend many.


In fact, working to me is easier than staying home. I used to think (pre- kids) that a stay-at-home mom watched soap operas in between pedicures, shopping, and lunch and play dates with friends. Anyone could do this…right? And what a relaxing life! I am not sure where this theory came from…I’m really not. And I apologize profusely for such a mental misrepresentation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Both my parents always worked full time so maybe it’s just because I never saw it in action. Anyway, as much as I love my boys, staying home and taking care of them and taking care of housework and everything else that needs to be done can be utterly exhausting. Between the two of them, they totally wear me out! They will not stop moving, stop talking, stop arguing with each other, stop eating and stop shouting things like “Mommy! Brother hit me.” “Mommy! Can I have some juice?” “Mommy! Can we go to the park!” “Mommy! Will you help me go pee pee?” “Mommy, I made a mess…”

Mommmy. Mooooommmmyyy. Mooooommmmmmyyyyy.

The other day, in exasperation I screamed, “I AM NOT MOMMY!! STOP CALLING ME THAT!”

To which Kevin replied, “But I want you to be my mommy.”


I’m too scared to pray for patience right now…but Lord, help me. 

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