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Our visitor


Six am this morning: (ok, maybe it was later than that, but I will say 6, for dramatic effect)

I am in my warm bed savoring the last few minutes of sleep before my boys and I set off on some amazing adventure. And I hear…


Ugh. And here’s what I thought:

A bug? You are waking me up for a bug? Seriously? And you…you’re an eight-year-old superhero…you cannot take care of a bug for your mommy? Please? Plus you’re a boy…aren’t boys official bug smashers? Don’t you understand I need my last few minutes of sleep so I can be less grouchy than usual?

Ugh. And here’s what I said:

“ David, just smash it please. Or put it outside.”

“I cant.”

“You can.”

“It’s huge! It’s in the sink. Come look at it mommy!”

I groan. Good-bye dreams. Good-bye warmth of my bed. Good-bye precious rest. I must go on a quest to see a bug. A bug, of all things.

And I limp to the bathroom…and lo and behold…

A chill ran through my spine. My boy wasn’t kidding! It was the biggest, nastiest, ugliest ROACH I have ever seen in real life. And it was in the bathroom sink…

Its head was under the top of the drain…and its body was sticking out…

Usually bugs don’t bother me…but roaches…GAG. I literally gagged.

“See mommy?” David stood there watching my reaction. What would I do?

Impulsively, I turned on the water, pushing the roach down the drain…I let the water run for about 30 seconds, ensuring that he was down…far down the drain…into the sewer where he belonged. Then I plugged the drain. You know, just in case.

But you know what…he looked sneaky and suspicious and determined. I think he’s climbing up the drain as I type. And I have a suspicious feeling he will make another appearance.

The drain is still plugged…the door is shut…the bathroom is officially “Out of Order.”

Right now I’m calling Terminix…

Until next time…

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