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A few words of wisdom


On Sunday Raymond and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Some days we both didn’t think we would make it to five years, but we have, with lots of help from family, friends, and of course the One who will never let us go no matter how often we fail Him. 

For one of our wedding showers, our guests wrote down “words of wisdom” on index cards. At the end of the shower, Raymond’s sister compiled all these “words of wisdom” into a little flipbook.

I just came across these the other day and smiled, laughed and even cried a little as I read through them. I am not claiming to have followed these perfectly, but I do try to remind myself to read them every now and them, and even better apply them. (Some of them) As you will see, some are serious, some insightful, and some just funny. I want to share a few “words of wisdom” with you:

“Don’t clutter your life with material things!”

“Spend as much quality and quantity time together as you can!”

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder!” (my note: Um, not always)

“Never go to bed angry, stay up and fight.” (HAHA)

“Keep Jesus the center of your life.”


“Work together to solve your problems.”

“Choose your battles wisely, then kiss and make up.”

“If mom isn’t happy, no one is happy!” (Yep!)

“Take time for friends.”

“Value alone time, but treasure times together.”

“Go to church and hold hands.”
“Discuss and set an amount of money that each of you can spend without the other giving permission first (example: groceries). Discuss the large purchases together!”

“Share household chores” (Amen!)

“Keep your sense of humor.”

“This, too shall pass.” (I hope the writer of this didn’t mean our marriage, LOL)

“Always kiss goodnight.”

“Truly, don’t sweat the small stuff”

“Avoid debt.”

“Speak the truth, in love.”

“Remember every anniversary!”

“Work to be each other’s best friend.”

“Love the Lord first of all.”

“Share everything with each other.”

“Be patient with each other.”

And my personal favorite…

“Take separate vacations.”

Haha, just kidding; that isn’t my personal favorite. We have never taken separate vacations, but it still makes me chuckle that someone wrote that to us.

 What do you think? Which ones do you agree/disagree with? What “words of wisdom” have helped you in your relationships? Feel free to comment on this blog post! I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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