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A handful of stars

It’s January 2 and I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and listening to the rain outside, as well my boys squawking at each other. I will hear soft muffled voices and think they are playing nicely and then all of a sudden the younger will let out this horrendous squawk, comparable to an out of tune trumpet. Then the older one will squawk and then the younger will make some sort of monkey noise and the older will growl. Then I will roll my eyes and wonder again, where did they come from? How did they get here? I will yell “Stop!” but deep down be glad that they’re making weird noises and acting like animals because it means they’re here. And they’re mine.  And silence can be pretty depressing sometimes.

I have been reflecting some on the past year, not too much though because it was a hard year for us, and then my gramps passed away on December 20 after battling a lengthy stretch of cancer. He was a wonderful influence in my life and I miss him. 

So, I was glad to see 2012 go, even though I struggled and tripped through the whole year and would really like a re-do.

Last year was dark, but without the darkness, there would be no stars. Some “stars” appeared throughout the year (in addition to the stars I already had): new friendships, renewed relationships, learning experiences. I am holding onto these.

I am right where I need to be at the moment, the morning of January 2, 2013. Sipping coffee, listening to the pitter patter on the roof and the pitter patter and squawks in the house. I have everything I need right now and am ready to move on into 2013,

with my handful of stars.

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