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The Brownie Thief

Yesterday after dinner I baked brownies.

Both my boys had one before bed and I put plastic wrap over the glass pan and set them on the counter.

Fast forward to this morning:  5:45 AM.

My husband is in the shower and I notice the light on out in the kitchen. I walk out there and notice the plastic wrap off the brownies and what looked like an animal had pawed through them. There were only mounds of brownie bits and scattered crumbs. 

What in the world? (I sometimes sleep walk and eat in the middle of the night so my first thought was could I have done this? That’s another post for another time…)

Then I realize that there are brownie crumbs all over the floor…I follow them…and find this on the couch. 

pull off the blanket and reveal the culprit.

“Kevin! What do you have in your mouth?”

(Cheeks full) “Aw Nuffing mommy.” 

He tries to swallow his mouthful of what appears to be brownie and says, “See?” 

At this point I want to burst out laughing even though I am frustrated with him.  He is lying to me but this is just…so very funny.

(He did serve consequences, don’t worry)

So... I thought we had dealt with his behavior until tonight after dinner he asked if…

...he could have another brownie. (at least he asked)

“How many did you have this morning?”

“Only about four or five mommy.”

“And was that the right thing to do?”


“Try that again.”

“What did you say?” (he tends to say this if he doesn't want to acknowledge what you are saying) 

“Should you have snuck brownies?”


“And why should you have more brownies if you already snuck like four or five this morning?”

Looonnng pause as he thinks…

“But Mommy, I just reawy reawy like brownies.”

He got a very small tiny sliver of one.

I know I know…

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