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Do What You Love


In terms of a career, my parents always said “go with what you love; the money will take care of itself.”

So I did.

 In 2006 I graduated with a Bachelors in English because that’s well, what I love. I didn’t have any practical ideas about what I would do with this degree, although I fanaticized about becoming a writer.

To make a long story short I started teaching at a private school (something I never imagined I would do; I really just didn’t think I had the patience for teaching) but surprisingly, I fell in love with the classroom I went back to school for my teacher’s certificate and a Master’s degree in English Education which has helped me land more teaching opportunities.

However, my favorite thing to do is write. I always thought it would be cool to be a freelance writer, but I just never knew how to get into that field. Last summer I “googled” freelance writing and a plethora of information flooded my computer screen. Quite overwhelming. However, in my search I came across a blog "Life of Freelance mom" which really intrigued me. This blogger worked from home while raising her two boys (now three!) and made a steady income. I simply left a comment on her blog about how I liked her blog and I was interested in freelance writing and she replied that she would help me get into it. Fast forward nine months or so and I have been working with her steadily for the past five months. I am now a part of her business “Jess Lee Writes” and it has been really exciting for me! I just never imagined I would get paid to write. On any given day, my article topics might range from “the ten busiest executive airports in the world”, “Dos and don’ts of office wear” or “how to write your book in six months or less.” I love the variety and I love that I’m learning about all kinds of topic I would otherwise have no clue about. Plus I get to work from the comfort of my own home.

Sometimes that looks like this:

Just thought I’d fill you in on something that I’m becoming passionate about. And if you have ever thought about freelance writing, it’s a very doable pursuit! Contact me and I will help you get started just like Jess did for me. 
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