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Poem for Gramps

My gramps' memorial service is this weekend and I wrote him a poem. I *hope* to read it outloud at the service without crying. I'm going to try really hard. He meant so much to me...

 Shine on, Gramps.
(You are my sunshine)

sitting in his lazy boy chair,
anything but lazy,
reading the newspaper
through his thick black rimmed glasses,
hot black coffee in hand.

You are my sunshine
he used to sing to me.
My only sunshine

Dropping every daily task
To throw the baseball
In the freshly cut Pennsylvania grass
Or shoot the flat basketball
On the patio
He let us win, usually
I just knew it.

Born in 1929, the year of the depression
Yet the happiest person I knew
Even with growing up without a father
And losing a son to leukemia
What drove him? I always wondered

He sang to me,
You make me happy
When clouds are grey

Maybe happy isn’t the word.
Joy. Deep sincere joy.
Appreciation for life.
Love of God.
He never kept it a secret

The Love for his Savior
glistened through his eyes and smile.
Everyone who saw him saw HIM

He sang to me

You’ll never know dear
How much I love you

A dark December afternoon 2012
The last time I talked to him
Over the phone.
The cancer had taken most of his voice
Soft and raspy
He asked to pray for me.
And he did. God heard him even though
I could not.

He sang to me

Please don’t take my sunshine away

My sun shine will shine, Gramps.

Gramps’ body may be gone,
But he’s shining on.
I just know it.

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