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Time Management Tips That Work!


Time management is a topic that I just love to think about, talk about, write about, even dream about. Call me weird but I like studying how productive people can be in a day or how much time people waste unproductive they can be. Now, I am definitely not saying that I am the queen of time management, but if you are weird like me like this topic, here are some tips I have found over the years that work. (And no, I am not productive every day or anything like that, but these tips do help).

Keep A Working Agenda.

Yep. However you want, as long as you understand it. It can be a calendar on your desk, an app on your phone or whatever works for you. Just make sure it is tangible. Physical. As much as you think you may be able to keep a calendar in your mind, you probably will forget an appointment here and there.

Spend the first few minutes of your day planning your day.

Okay, so maybe not the first few minutes; those may be devoted to coffee and nothing else. But at least somewhere near the beginning of your day take some time to plan your day. What do you need/want to accomplish? This is where the to-do list may come out (at least it does for me). Here is an example of my “to do” list on any given day:

-spend time with my kids
-spend time with my husband
-grade papers
-clean the bathrooms
-write something

Okay, that is very generic. Usually it’s more specific like, “play Clue with my kids” or “do Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred level 2” or “write an article about how to breed pit bulls” You get the picture though. The more specific, the better!

Block Out Distractions As Needed.

What distracts you? I know a messy floor full of Thomas the train toys is my ultimate distraction. Or a laundry basket full of clean clothes to be folded is up there too. And of course that spider climbing up the wall isn’t helping my productivity. Oh and Facebook and my email are always distracting enticing me.  However, when it’s time to be productive, it’s time to eliminate distractions. And for me that either means cleaning up Thomas the train real quick (or just leaving the room so I don’t see them), killing the spider, turning off my phone and buckling down to get to work (as my gramps would say).

Check Off your List.

There is something about checking things off a list…it makes me so happy. Sometimes I will add things to my list after I have accomplished them just for the mere satisfaction of the checkmark! Anyone else do this? For example, the other day I added “dishes,” “sweep porch” and “clean the boy’s bathroom toilet” after the fact just to make me feel more productive!

There is something about checking off the list that makes you feel accomplished! Make sure you don’t forget this important step!

Okay, these are my best tips. What do you think? What are your best time management tips? Do tell! 
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