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This morning I was reflecting on 2013 and some parts of this past year make me cringe. Some parts were just…bumpy and that’s an understatement. I am usually eager to begin a new year and this year is no exception. However, this past year has also been filled with memorable moments. When a few came to mind, I decided to make a list of positives from this year. Here are some, in no particular order. (Okay, two of my very favorites are 1 and 2)

-Got my dream job!!

-my nephew was born! 6/3/13

-went camping with my family in June

-went camping again with Raymond’s family in August

-built relationships with friends (I love you Candy!)

-helped with VBS at church in June

-traveled to FL to see gram in March

-Raymond graduated with his master’s degree in May

-joined First Health gym and really love it!

-wrote some poetry

-made some new recipes (spinach crock-pot tortellini is a new fav)

-went to my first official English teacher conference in October

-met some amazing people through my job

-read two of my favorite books: The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini) and Rosie (Ann Lammott)

-stopped biting my nails…after 30 years!

-David turned ten and Kevin, five

-finally learned how to (somewhat) fold a fitted sheet

-made some money freelance writing and editing

-gramps’ memorial service in May

-taught some amazing students

-had a white Christmas in Ohio

What does 2014 have in store? Not sure, but I am eager to find out. Happy New Year!

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