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Morning musings


5 AM

A strong cup of coffee

Pike’s Roast—or whatever it’s called— in my hand as I am

Sprawled out on the couch

and a solid blue ice pack wrapped in a Christmas dish towel

On my left ankle because

Ironically, as I opened the freezer yesterday afternoon

To grab a coconut popsicle

(because it was 100 degrees outside and I have grown to fancy those things)

A solid monster of an ice pack flew out—projectile—as if the frozen burgers in the back

slung it on a sing shot.

It landed directly on my left ankle and I shrieked—

Scared my kids

Who looked at me

Like I had grown a horn.

“Yes, I’m Ok. Just give me a minute.”

The pain eased and I forgot about it—until the middle of the night—

3 am or so when the throbbing returned

So when I couldn’t sleep I just stepped carefully out of bed, limped to the kitchen and

peered back into the freezer

Where it all began—I glared at the beef in the back—who was surely to blame

And grabbed the same blue ice pack who had assaulted me the day before.

I wrapped it in a Christmas towel and let the coolness soak into my ankle.

So I’m sitting here, way too early, sprawled on the couch, sipping my Pike’s Roast,

And in morning grogginess, I realize that what caused the hurt yesterday is causing the

healing today.

-Renee Phile 
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