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I went to church this morning.


The purple fabric chairs—all lined up
in three sections. Back middle is where I sat
with my family.
The wooden cross at the front center of the room,
behind the pulpit and the robed pastor.
Couples, holding hands.
Girls with flowery dresses, curls bouncing
around their shoulders, strappy sandals.
The boys, combed hair, ties, brown shoes,
maybe a hint of a cookie crumb in the corner of a mouth.
Laughter, smiles, cheerful chatter.
The piano music, the singing,
What Wondrous Love is This.
Scripture reading, offering, preaching.
And I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone, anyone in this room
Deep down, beyond the polished demeanor,
Felt a little, even a little sad today. Or perhaps angry.
Or anxious. Or maybe a tad out of place.  
You know, I just wondered, if maybe beneath
The grins and freshly shampooed hair, there was something else.
Something not showing.

-Renee Phile  
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