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Power source


I power off my iphone and leave it on the kitchen table;
The emails, texts, facebook posts, scrabble games –they all disappear.
I close my macbook, another power source.
All that’s left is my Seattle’s Best dark roast, my homemade afghan, and my couch.
Oh, and the glistening lights on Christmas tree.
Homemade ornaments, like the sheep with real cotton and the Ohio state candy cane.
A few presents scattered underneath among the falling needles.
The strong scent of cypress,
Mixed with a lit peppermint candle.
The light glowing through the pines outside and into the window.  
The subtle hum of the overhead fan.
The drone of the refrigerator in the kitchen.  
A dog barking in the distance. 
My own breathing, chest rising and falling. 
The words appearing on lined paper, slanted to the right, a little sloppy.

It’s just us.
Connected to my power source,
More alive than ever. 
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