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"It's more than where to put the comma," you said.

“Yes,” I nodded. Sometimes I don’t know where to put it. Usually I, do. Sometimes I rework sentences, words, phrases. I didn’t say that out loud, because I should, know where commas go. Or don’t, go. All, the time. Every circumstance. And I really wanted the job.

“Yes, you’re right. It’s way more than that,” I said, as I wondered what you really meant.

A few years later, endless stacks of papers. Refills of strong coffee. Mumford and Sons. I check for commas, among other things—wait, no I need a stronger word—not things. Aspects. Features. Components. Elements.
Also; Semi colons don’t come after transitional words. Or in random; places. I thought we talked about that. So many times. No extra spacing between paragraphs

per MLA format. We talked about that too. A million times. Quit using hyperboles in academic writing. When all said and done, clichés take away from your papers.

If I look deep beyond these issues, sometimes I glimpse something awesome. Wait, not awesome. What a weak, overused word. I see some great stuff. Not stuff, not great. I get excited for your future, the people in your life, and for you.

Because really, I only see a snapshot. A few papers. A few quizzes. Maybe a five minute presentation. I can’t possibly understand who are you are through these assessments. But sometimes, every now and then, as I peer through the commas, and squint kinda hard, I get a glimpse. And it’s exciting. (don’t begin sentences with conjunction. Unclear pronoun reference)

On days when I am drowning in papers (hyperbole), I think back to your words, and the gleam in your eye when you said them.

“It’s so much more than where to put the comma.”

Yes, now I know.
So much more.

(For Susan) 

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