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A guest post by my son, David


A experience in my life that started bad but ended up good was going camping with my family and the Kidds. It started boring for me and I did not really like it because I kept on getting in trouble with the food and the only thing I was allowed to do was sit but it got a little better when I got to go to the lake but then some kid was being mean to my brother and he grabbed me and dunked me so I dunked him like 10 times and got in trouble, I know it was wrong, but  to this day I still think he deserved it and then when I got back to the campsite I had to sit and do nothing.Then it got a little better when It got a little darker and we started to cook the food we had hotdogs and hamburgers. (of course because that is what everybody eats when they camp) and it started to get a little better and then I got tired and went to bed.I was awaken by my little brother kevin talking I woke up and went to take a shower when I came back I went to the campsite and ate my breakfast then we went to the lake again their was more people than there was yesterday and I scanned the water for the kid who I dunked the day before and he was not there.Me and Ronny went into the water and played a game where he threw me up in the water and we were basically wrestling in the water that was fun.I learned that wherever you are you have to make the most of it because you are stuck there so you can eat hamburgers but complaining does not help.
-By David 06/13/16 age 12
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