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Today, Kevin has said all of the following:

“I hurt my foot and I don’t think I can sit through church today.”

“I am a wizard at Battleship and you are…mommy, I hate to say it, but you’re just a starter. You need some major tips.”

(At Ruby Tuesday)  “Ugh! I have been waiting for an hour and they only brought me an inch of macaroni! I cannot even believe this!” 

(After leaving Ruby Tuesday) “Can we stop at a drive thru on the way home?”

“I need to get my Halloween costume ready today. I really need to. I’m going to be a ninja Indian.”

“Is tomorrow Thanksgiving?”

“Can we eat macaroni every night this week?”

“If it was thundering while we were having Halloween, I would look even creepier.”

“Can I please go to mee mows?”

“Can I live at Lynn’s house?” 

"I am trying to read the last two books I got at the library, but they are not getting any of my interest." 

“I’m kind of glad I didn’t wait until I was 12 to jump off the diving board.”

“I will take care of you when you are old, mommy. David probably won’t, so I will.”


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