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Five things you may not (but probably do) know about Alison

 I spent some extra time with my dear, lovely, beautiful friend Alison the past few days and by “extra time,” I mean four nights. So, I thought it would be appropriate to write a list of observations I have about my friend. (I knew all these points prior to the extra time, but they were just confirmed over and over)

1. Alison likes her stuff in order, HER order.

I knew that already, of course, but what I didn’t realize is that dishes need to be washed, um, before they are washed in the dishwasher. The silverware needs to be inserted in a certain order: knives, spoons, forks. Or is it forks, spoons, knives? I am not positive, but I do know that the forks should not touch the knives! The cupboards of mugs and glasses and plates are in a certain order, and she will not appreciate any creative rearranging.

2. Alison doesn’t love mornings.

I say she “doesn’t love” mornings because she didn’t exactly “rise and shine” and jam to Justin Bieber  while we got ready for work. I mean, she did it, but I don’t think she really enjoyed it. “Is it too late now to say sorry??”

3. Alison works so hard.

I watched her grade paper after paper, give enormous amounts of feedback to each student, all while I zoomed through a few of my own and then spent the majority of my time working on my characters for my book. Alison hardly ever takes a break! I have to remind her that it is time to chill for a while…and maybe jam to Justin Bieber…”My mama don’t like you…and she likes everyone…”

4. Alison is a good cook.

She made this ham and mac n cheese dish that screamed “comfort food.” We ate it for dinner one night and kept devouring leftovers for the next few days. She also made some pretty bangin fried eggplant and tacos! If your mouth is watering,  well, you’re welcome.

5. Alison is just so caring.

She is all about others, truly. Whether it’s her grandparents, parents, husband, friends, students, she truly cares about the people in her life. I am so lucky to be her friend!

Love you, Alison!

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