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If you’re like me and weren't born with any type of natural joy,
if you lean towards melancholy, fight tears, and sometimes
just surrender to them all, if restlessness is your closest companion, 
and you don’t know how to make it stop—well, you can practice. 
I’m not sure what this will look like for you, but for me, 
it’s sitting very still, closing my eyes, and looking ahead. 
Yes, I meant to say closing my eyes and looking ahead; that was no mistake.
If I look ahead, not to the left or right, and definitely not behind me, 
I see the familiar  darkness traveling on down the road, 
with a few spots of joy speckled in there too.
They are sparse and sporadic, but they are there; I promise they are. 
You may say, whatever, it’s not that simple, and I would say, 
no, some days it’s not that simple, you are right.
Some days no matter how much and hard you look, all you see is black.
But more often than not, when all else is stripped, and you’re only looking ahead, 
it really is that simple. 
So go ahead, practice, and let me know. 

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